Guangbo, fizz and Kinbor. The one-stop solution to meet demands of cultural and creative, office, student, stationery, quality education and smart stationery consumptions.


GuangBo Office Stationery

In addition to providing functional products, we integrate ergonomics and aesthetic trends into our product design to provide users with a more relaxed, comfortable and personalized experience.

GuangBo Student Stationery

We provide safer, higher quality and more practical products For writing, recording, drawing, handcraft and educational. Through implement strict quality control measures To ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards.


Dedicating to offer excellent practical office supplies that bring value and quality to your workspaces. We aim to create an environment that sparks creativity and fuels your professional growth.


It has cooperated with major IPs. In addition, the combination of popular elements such as national treasures and art collections, presented with modern carriers, gives a new vitality to the traditional culture.